Trauma-Informed Care:

Foundations (Part 1)


Intermediate | Clinical Interventions

1.50-2.00 CE Credits | 2 Hrs. 4 Min

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About the Course


This course introduces the foundations of Trauma-Informed Care. Practitioners learn definitions and key concepts of a trauma-informed care approach. They also gain context for the importance of this approach by learning the basics of defining trauma, its prevalence, and the impact a trauma history has on their clients. This course provides a firm foundation before learning about the principles and practice of trauma-informed care. The intended audience for this course includes the healthcare team and behavioral health providers.

Estimated Course Length: 2 Hours 4 Mins.

Course Modules: 2 modules consisting of a mixed media approach with roleplays, video interviews with subject matter experts, animation explainer videos, knowledge games, and more

Refresher Videos: 17 provider videos to highlight key concepts & course related videos to be shared with clients to enhance learning

Downloadable PDFs: 6 downloadable PDFs expanding on relevant course topics

Target Audience: Mental Health Practitioners, Counselors, Marriage & Family Therapists, Psychologists, Mental Healthcare Students, Healthcare Team, Case Managers, Coaches, Social Workers

Level of Instruction: Intermediate

Prerequisite: None

Instructional Method: Self-paced; interactive; hybrid of audio, text, video, and learning checks

Accessibility Accommodations: Color contrast; transcripts of video components; closed captioning of audio and video components. In order to request further accessibility accommodations, please email

After completing this course, you will be able to describe and employ the following:

  1. Define trauma and summarize the impact and prevalence in populations seeking healthcare.

  2. Explain the necessity of trauma awareness and the rationale for care that is universally trauma-informed.

  3. Demonstrate the application of trauma awareness to patient care.

Course Activities for CE Credits: ≥ 2 hrs. 4 min

  • Pre-Course Assessment (~5 minutes) [EXCLUDED FROM ACTIVITIES FOR NBCC & CAMFT CREDIT]

  • Module 1: Introduction and Introduction to Trauma-Informed Care (~23 minutes)

  • Module 2: Trauma Awareness (~1 hour)

  • Post-Course Assessment (~10 minutes) [EXCLUDED FROM ACTIVITIES FOR NBCC & CAMFT CREDIT]

Course Activities Not for CE Credits:

  • Participant Evaluation (~10 minutes)

  • (OPTIONAL) Supplementary Videos for Learner and Learner’s Clients

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