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About Psych Hub

Mental Health
Resources for Everyone

Psych Hub provides evidence-based education and resources to empower the entire mental health ecosystem: the individuals seeking mental health support, the practitioners delivering it, and the organizations supporting them.

Our vision is a world where everyone benefits from a personalized, preventive, and effective approach to mental health and streamlined
access to care.

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A Growing Need for Specialized Care

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1 in 5 U.S. adults experience mental
illness each year.

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Two-thirds of psychologists reported an increase in severity of symptoms among patients in 2022.

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More than 75% of mental health
care is delivered by masters-level
practitioners with generalist training.

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America's Mental Health Dilemma

More Americans of all ages, incomes, and backgrounds are experiencing mental health challenges that require specialized care. Yet most mental health practitioners are trained as generalists and desire more education to better serve their patients.

At the same time, people seeking support find mental health is confusing. They don’t know where to go to learn more and find practitioners who can help.

Who We Help

Serving the Entire 

Mental Health Ecosystem

Psych Hub is an end-to-end solution designed for anyone wanting to expand their mental health knowledge and connect with education, resources, and practitioners who can provide care. It’s perfect for:



Learning paths in various specialized competencies including symptoms, interventions, communities, and ages; shareable companion tools; and inclusion in a verified education and connection platform used by individuals seeking care


Free educational content and an online connection platform to match individuals with practitioners who can help


Educational mental health content for employees and a customized connection platform to promote in-network practitioners

Choose the Solutions That Meet Your Goals


Mental health is not a one-size-fits-all pursuit, so we’ve designed Psych Hub with flexibility in mind. Choose the solutions that meet your needs, or enlist them all to create a comprehensive mental health journey for your practitioners, employees, and organization.

The Hub:

For Mental Health


For those who treat mental health
Our evidence-based learning modules and CE courses teach those who treat mental health how to deliver specialized, evidence-based interventions. Practitioners who complete a course and/or demonstrate proficiency become Psych Hub Verified in that area of competency, a designation that sets them apart on our Psych Hub Connect platform used by individuals seeking care.
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The Hub:

For Mental Health Allies

For those who support mental health
We’ve designed educational resources for laypeople who want to support themselves or others, whether family members, friends, or co-workers. Individuals can engage with content to help them understand the types of care available and then continue  their learning and practical knowledge through courses.
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Psych Hub


For anyone seeking or offering mental health services
Our education and connection platform creates a seamless pathway for individuals to find mental health practitioners based on verified specialties treated, location, network, and availability. More than just matching individuals to practitioners, Psych Hub Connect provides tailored educational content along the way, helping people become informed consumers and empowering them to select the help that’s right for them.
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Learn About Our Solutions
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How We Help

Educate. Connect. Engage.

Psych Hub uses three strategies to empower a better approach to mental health. Together, these pillars form a dynamic shared solution that supports the entire community in better understanding, supporting, and accessing mental health.


We help practitioners and individuals better support and understand mental health through a robust library of evidence-based, clinically sound courses and content.


Our platform provides a frictionless way to connect specialized mental health practitioners with individuals seeking care.


We offer regularly updated content and tools to help practitioners and individuals effectively participate in mental health care.


Solve Your Greatest

Mental Health Challenges

Psych Hub helps practitioners, organizations, and individuals solve their most pressing mental health challenges, such as:

  • Moving practitioners from generalists to specialists in much needed areas of mental health through targeted learning paths and competency verification.

  • Improving efficacy and affordability of care by training practitioners in evidence-based therapies known to provide better symptom reduction in fewer sessions.

  • Reducing the confusion around mental health by Informing and educating individuals about symptoms, diagnoses, intervention strategies, provider types, and more.

  • Creating a cohesive strategy for organizations that want to expand mental health knowledge among employees, and create a more supportive environment.



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