Hospitality Diversity and Mental Health


Introductory | Mental Health Literacy

| 1 Hour

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Although many people feel like they understand the concept of diversity, it is a very nuanced topic. This course on Diversity and Mental Health is tailored to provide a detailed description of l the different types of diversity, how negative reactions to diversity affect many people’s mental health, and how to promote inclusion instead. After finishing this course, you will be able to describe both diversity and intersectionality, as well as ways in which inequality and discrimination manifest. This course is based on current research and utilizes online learning techniques to provide valuable information on diversity and its relationship with mental health.

NOTE: We recommend completing Mental Health Competency 1 before beginning this course and any other Mental Health Ally Series courses.

Estimated Course Length: 1 Hour

Course Includes: 10 sections with components in each section (components consist of a mixed media approach with an animated overview video, a subject matter expert fireside chat, role plays, and a knowledge game). 

Companion Videos: 6 companion videos created for enhanced learning on key course topics in Mental Health Competency 1. Over 120 mental health literacy videos on a host of mental health topics.

Downloadable PDFs: 7 downloadable PDFs expanding on relevant course topics 

Target Audience: Hospitality workers

Level of Instruction: Introductory 

Prerequisite: None

Instructional Method: Self-paced, interactive, hybrid of audio, text, video, and learning checks 

Accessibility Accommodations: Closed captioning of all audio and video components

What the learner should know upon course completion:

  1. Describe different types of diversity, intersectionality, and ways in which inequality and discrimination manifest.

  2. Critically appraise the relationship between diversity and mental health.


  • Pre-Course Assessment

  • Introduction

  • What is Diversity and Why does it Matter?

  • Types of Diversity

  • Intersectionality

  • Benefits of Diversity

  • Mechanisms of Marginalization

  • Diversity and Mental Health

  • Fostering Inclusion and Promoting Equity

  • Discussion Summary

  • References

  • Post-Course Assessment
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