Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Foundations


Intermediate | Clinical Interventions

2.00-2.50 CE Credits | 2 Hrs. 33 Min

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The Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) Foundations course explores the construct of psychological flexibility. ACT is an engaging, evidence-based therapy modality. The ACT: Foundations course features expert discussion, and engaging role plays to educate and empower mental health practitioners. Through this course, practitioners will learn the six core principles of ACT, ways to navigate the common barriers that arise when first practicing ACT, and how to apply the Hexaflex ACT model in therapy sessions via metaphors and therapeutic interventions.

Estimated Course Length: 2 Hours 33 Mins.

Target Audience: Mental Health Practitioners

Level of Instruction: Intermediate

Prerequisite: None

Instructional Method: Self-paced; interactive; a hybrid of audio, text, video, and learning checks

Accessibility Accommodations: Color contrast; transcripts of video components; closed captioning of audio and video components. In order to request further accessibility accommodations, please email

After completing this course, you will be able to describe and employ the following:

  1. Explain the key concepts and six core principles of ACT.

  2. Describe the common barriers for practitioners and clients new to ACT and ways to overcome.

  3. Evaluate how to apply the six core principles and the hexaflex model, using metaphor and exercises in conducting individual ACT therapy sessions.

Course Activities for CE Credits: ≥ 2 hrs. 4 min.

  • Pre-Course Assessment (16 minutes) [EXCLUDED FROM ACTIVITIES FOR NBCC & CAMFT CREDIT]

  • Module 1: Course Introduction & Context Setting of ACT (37 minutes)

  • Module 2: Implementing ACT with a Client (21 minutes)

  • Module 3: ACT Principles in Action (1 hr. 6 minutes)

  • Post-Course Assessment (16 minutes) [EXCLUDED FROM ACTIVITIES FOR NBCC & CAMFT CREDIT]

Course Activities for CE Credits:

  • Participant Evaluation (5-10 minutes)

  • (OPTIONAL) Supplementary Videos for Learner and Learner’s Clients

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