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After completing our Provider Learning Hubs, you will...

  • Receive specialized certifications to place on your website and social media handles to show your mastery.
  • Be placed on the Psych Hub Registry where consumers search for certified mental health providers, including our 500+ partners and our YouTube subscribers.
  • Increase revenue by having clients fill out assessments that may be reimbursed by insurance.
  • Have one-year access to our ongoing provider videos, patient videos, and assessments, to keep clients engaged between sessions.

Why Learn with Psych Hub?

Our courses are proven to take learners from knowledge learned to behavior changed—each designed to offer an immersive experience, from interactive modules, role-playing, theory tanks, clinicians corners, and more.

The Suicide Prevention Certification Includes

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Personalized Learning

Learn at your own pace. And, upon completing your certification, you'll have one-year access to ongoing educational opportunities for continued learning.

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Trusted Content

We partner with world-renowned academia—like Columbia, UPenn, UCLA, and Harvard—to develop our  Learning Hubs, providing the latest evidence-based interventions to treat clients more effectively.

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tools to empower clients

We have an entire library of resources to share with your clients to keep them engaged between sessions. You can email or text them our companion videos and downloadable .pdf worksheets.

Featured Courses

Our courses are designed to offer an immersive learning experience, from interactive modules, role playing, theory tanks, clinician corners, and more.

CBT Foundations

Learn the basics of how to implement CBT interventions to promote healthy behaviors, thought patterns, and emotional coping strategies.

CBT for Anxiety

 In this course, you will discover how to treat the cognitive, emotive, and behavioral aspects of anxiety using effective strategies such as relaxation training, breathing training, and the tense-relax method.

CBT for Depression

Specialized CBT focused on reducing depressive symptoms through changes to thoughts, behaviors, and coping strategies.

CBT for Insomnia

This course teaches how to modify the cognitive, behavioral, and emotive symptoms of sleep disorders using techniques like sleep restriction, stimulus control, and psychoeducation on sleep hygiene.

CBT for Adolescents

Learn how to develop a rapport with your younger client, appropriately include their parents or guardians in the treatment process, navigate issues of confidentiality, and analyze the developmental factors that affect your client.


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Individual CBT Course

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Individual CBT Course

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CBT Series

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