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Every Employee Needs Tools to Navigate the Mental Health Journey

Three-quarters of full-time U.S. workers experienced at least one symptom of a mental health condition in the past year, according to the 2021 Mental Health at Work Report. Psych Hub offers workplace-focused professional training dedicated to supporting employees when they face challenging times, as well as empowering others to come alongside them. 

A woman working on a laptop with a stat: 3/4 full-time U.S. workers experienced at least one symptom of a mental health condition in the past year

A Certificate Designed for HR and People Managers

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Psych Hub offers a series of eight courses designed especially for human resources and people managers. They learn about critical mental health topics and how to recognize, understand, and help prevent mental health-related problems such as substance abuse, suicidal ideation, and relationship violence. They also gain actionable insights about effective communication, diversity, and bias.

Those who complete all eight courses and pass the post-tests earn a Workplace Mental Health Ally Certificate. This accolade demonstrates their commitment to supporting mental health in the workplace and fostering a culture that encourages open conversations around mental health.

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Workplace Mental Health Competency 1

Learn about mental health issues, their impact on the community and the workplace, and the dangers of stigma regarding mental health.

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Workplace Mental Health Competency 2: Common Conditions

Learn how to recognize common mental health conditions and help people in the workplace to find the support they need.

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Workplace Mental Health Competency 3: Substance Use Awareness

Learn about some of the most commonly used types of substances, risk and protective factors for substance use, and practical ways you can help someone in the workplace to find support that can lead to recovery.

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Workplace Diversity And Mental Health

Learn about the different types of diversity, how negative reactions to diversity in the workplace affect many people’s mental health, and how to promote inclusion in the workplace.

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Overcoming Bias In The Workplace

Learn how bias impacts people’s interactions with each other in the workplace and techniques for overcoming this bias.

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Workplace Suicidal Behavior Competency

Learn about the nature of suicide and how to recognize warning signs for someone in the workplace that may be at risk for suicide, as well as ways to connect those at risk to support services.

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Workplace Safety Planning

Learn how to help someone in the workplace who may be in an abusive relationship or experiencing suicidal ideation.

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Workplace Effective Communication

Learn about four communication techniques utilized in the evidence-based practice of Motivational Interviewing. This course was created for anyone who wants to build their conversational skills and become a listener who can help others in their workplace.

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Psych Hub collaborates with the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and the SHRM Foundation, the premier professional organization for human resource professionals, on workplace-related content the Workplace Mental Health Ally professional training program.

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"What a learning experience! Thank you SHRM and Psych Hub for creating such a wonderful program."

Aashita M.

"In gaining this certification, I hope to continue and encourage conversation surrounding mental health to bolster communication, belonging, and camaraderie wherever I am. I highly recommend this course." 

Lauren P.

"I recently completed the incredibly beneficial Workplace Mental Health Ally certificate. I highly recommend this course if you'd like concise, actionable steps that could truly help someone (or yourself!) during difficult times."

Jillian B.

"Throughout each module, I kept saying to myself "If I had only known this before!' If you are a leader of others in any way, or if you want to become a leader of others in the future, I highly recommend investing in this program. It's so, so important right now." 

Suizee B.

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