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Coming Back Better

Coming Back Better is a podcast where we go on a journey to understand the impact of COVID on our mental health and wellbeing and discuss not only how we can overcome, but thrive.

With COVID, we have been through a lot. We are focused on returning to normal, but perhaps normal was not all that great. To move forward and grow - it is essential to take a second and reflect on what happened, what we learned, and how we want to proceed from here.

Psych Hub and HCA Healthcare, in collaboration with Columbia University’s Department of Psychiatry, have partnered to bring you the 10-episode podcast series “Coming Back Better” to reflect on the lessons the pandemic taught us and what we can do to benefit our wellbeing.

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Future of Mental Health

Leaders in a new era of mental health. Marjorie Morrison and Patrick J. Kennedy talk to mental health advocates and activists that are paving the way for a better tomorrow. Listen as we feature the experts you need to be following and hear the stories behind their movements.

Real Talk with Gen Z

Hey Gen Z, we know it's not easy being you. Sit back, relax and join your peers and subject matter experts as they take a deep dive into all things mental health. Each episode features a different set of hosts to give you tips, provide a range of experiences and connect you with others who understand what it's like to go through the mental health challenges Gen Z is facing.

Real Talk with Gen Z is a 3 episode mini-series from the Psych Hub Podcast Network and brought to you by Aetna, a CVS Health Company.

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You Ask, We Answer

Mental health is a subject that impacts everyone. Every single day people are online actively asking questions and seeking answers related to mental health. Unfortunately, the information they find is often not from credible sources or worse yet it’s incorrect.

To address this void in credible online mental health education, Psych Hub and HCA Healthcare have partnered to create a new 10-episode podcast series called You Ask, We Answer, which will feature mental health experts from Columbia University Department of Psychiatry, discussing some of the mental health topics that people often search online for information.  

The first episode of You Ask, We Answer released February 8th, 2022.  A new episode will be available every two weeks.  Each episode will be available as long-form audio version and a two-minute video version.

Ask the Expert

Psych Hub's Ask the Expert with Columbia University Department of Psychiatry features world-renowned leaders in mental health. We'll answer the most common real-life questions patients ask, covering LGBTQ community mental health, ADHD, nutrition and brain health, childhood anxiety, medication, addiction, and more!