Workplace Mental Health Competency

3: Substance Use Awareness


Introductory | Mental Health Literacy

| 1 Hour

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Substance use and its connection to mental health is a critically important topic. In Workplace Mental Health Competency 3: Substance Use Awareness, you will gain insight into some of the most commonly used types of substances, risk and protective factors for substance use, and practical ways you can help someone at your workplace find support that can lead to recovery. Based on up-to-date statistics from governing bodies and relevant scholarly articles, this course provides a deeper understanding of substance use disorders and various treatment options. Completing the Workplace Mental Health Competency 3: Substance Use Awareness course will take approximately 60-80 minutes of continuous learning time. The instructional design is learner-focused and approachable to nearly all individuals with an interest in improving their competency in substance use awareness.

NOTE: We recommend completing Workplace Mental Health Competency 1 before taking any other Workplace Mental Health Ally Series courses.

Estimated Course Length: 1 Hour

Course Includes: 13 sections with components in each section (components consist of a mixed media approach with lived experience testimonials, animation explainer videos, and a knowledge game)

Companion Videos: 10 companion videos created for enhanced learning on key course topics in Mental Health Competency 3: Substance Use Awareness; over 120 mental health literacy videos on a host of mental health topics

Downloadable PDFs: 6 downloadable PDFs expanding on relevant course topics

Target Audience: Human resources professionals and people managers

Level of Instruction: Introductory

Prerequisite: None

Instructional Method: Self-paced, interactive, hybrid of audio, text, video, and learning checks

Accessibility Accommodations: Color contrast; transcripts of video components; closed captioning of audio and video components.

After completing this course, you will be able to describe and employ the following:

  1. Relate three substances that are commonly used, and the various risk factors that contribute to the development of substance use disorders.

  2. Summarize practical skills that can be used when responding to someone who may have a substance use disorder. The summary must cover communication skills, using the Stages of Change as a guide for how to help most effectively, and the various treatment options and forms of support that are available.

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