Mental Health Ally for the Workplace

Workplace Mental Health Ally is a custom experience for HR and People Managers.

Learners can achieve a certificate as a Workplace Mental Health Ally after completing the 8 required courses.


mental health ally for the workplace

Learn about mental health issues, their impact on the community and the workplace, and the dangers of stigma regarding mental health.

Learn how to recognize common mental health conditions and help people in the workplace to find the support they need.

Learn about some of the most commonly used types of substances, risk and protective factors for substance use, and practical ways you can help someone in the workplace to find support that can lead to recovery.

Learn about the different types of diversity, how negative reactions to diversity in the workplace affect many people’s mental health, and how to promote inclusion in the workplace.

Learn how bias impacts people’s interactions with each other in the workplace and techniques for overcoming this bias.

Learn about the nature of suicide and how to recognize warning signs for someone in the workplace that may be at risk for suicide, as well as ways to connect those at risk to support services.

Learn how to help someone in the workplace who may be in an abusive relationship or experiencing suicidal ideation.

Learn about four communication techniques utilized in the evidence-based practice of Motivational Interviewing. This course was created for anyone who wants to build their conversational skills and become a listener who can help others in their workplace.

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