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Less Than Half

Less than half of Americans with a mental health disorder get the treatment they need.


14% of adults with anxiety and 22% with depression receive only “minimally” effective treatment. 


Nearly 50% of psychotherapists report burnout in their jobs. 


Only 1-3% of mental health clients are served by evidence-based therapies.

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Build a More Knowledgeable, Energized Provider Organization


Providers recognize the growing need for specialized mental health services in areas like substance use disorders, youth mental health, PTSD, and depressive disorders. For those who want to elevate their impact and scope of care, Psych Hub offers quality, evidence-based practitioner education in critical, high-demand specialties and then promotes those verified proficiencies to individuals seeking care. 

Equip generalist mental health practitioners to deliver evidence-based interventions and meet the growing need for specialized care.

Expand practitioner education with CE-approved, self-paced multimedia courses.

Match practitioners with clients through prominent placement in our online public mental health platform.

Improve recruitment and retention by demonstrating commitment to evidence-based education and practitioners’ professional growth.

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Educate, Connect, and Engage Your Practitioners


The majority of licensed mental health practitioners have master’s-level education, typically trained in theoretical approaches rather than evidence-based interventions or specialties. Psych Hub provides training and continuing education to turn mental health generalists into specialists, allowing provider groups to meet the growing demand for more specialized care and demonstrate their commitment to quality, evidence-based therapies. We do that by focusing on three goals: educate, connect, and engage.

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Our hub contains an unparalleled selection of high-quality, master-class-style CE courses in multiple media formats to help practitioners meet burgeoning consumer demand for specialized services and build greater proficiency in evidence-based interventions. 

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Psych Hub Connect makes the process of seeking outpatient mental health care less overwhelming for consumers and more successful for provider groups. Individuals seeking care can locate provider groups based on availability, verified specialties of practitioners, location, and more. Provider groups can promote their value proposition, showcase their specialized practitioners, and provide other details to help consumers make informed decisions.

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Psych Hub empowers practitioners with resources and tools they can share with clients between sessions, extending their reach and engaging both practitioners and clients to foster active participation in therapy.

Meet the Demand for Specialized Mental Health Care With Confidence 


Consumer demand for specialized outpatient mental health care has grown exponentially over the last few years, making it imperative for provider groups to expand their knowledge and delivery of proven treatments to meet the moment. Psych Hub helps them do that by empowering both practitioners and the provider organization as a whole.

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Specialized training and verification, CE unit completion, matching with potential clients

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Provider Groups

Enhanced reputation supported by data, improved practitioner recruitment and retention, increased matches to clients

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