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Why Specialty Training Matters Now


75% of therapists are master's level, trained as generalists.

15% increase

Demand for mental health and addiction counselors and specialized social workers is expected to increase 12-15% by 2030.


Only 37% of young adults are satisfied with the mental health information they find when searching online. 

9 in 10

9 in 10 psychotherapists seek education to expand their knowledge of current evidence-based practices.

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Strengthen Your Practice with New Knowledge and Skills

Practitioners thrive when they feel equipped and empowered to help their clients. Psych Hub supports that goal by delivering resources and opportunities to grow evidence-based skills and knowledge, as well as build new client connections. We provide practitioners with:

Educational courses that provide training in key mental health specialties, such as substance use, suicide prevention, youth mental health, and trauma-informed care

 CE credits for every type of licensed mental health practitioner

Opportunities to earn Psych Hub verification in multiple, specialized competency areas

Specialty-driven matching with potential clients on our powerful public connection platform

Shareable mental health resources to help clients engage and expand their understanding

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Educate, Connect, and Engage for Optimal Outcomes


The mental health journey is not one-size-fits-all. Every person has a unique set of symptoms, emotions, diagnoses, and cultural influences, creating a need for more specialists who can help. With Psych Hub, practitioners can access the training and tools they need to fully support clients and facilitate better symptom reduction in fewer sessions, which also makes care more affordable for most individuals.

We do this by focusing on three pillars: educate, connect, and engage.

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Psych Hub offers an ever-expanding selection of courses that fulfill CE requirements and expand practitioner learning in specialized, evidence-based interventions. Practitioners can choose the topics that address their clients’ greatest needs and satisfy their own goals and interests.

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As practitioners build their skills, they can earn Psych Hub verification in specific competencies and promote those qualifications to individuals looking for care on Psych Hub Connect, a free public platform that helps individuals create a more informed path to finding treatment with specialists.

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Psych Hub engages everyone in mental health. Practitioners receive self-paced training resources that are timely and relevant to their practice and consumer demand. In turn, they can share with their clients a wide selection of understandable, engaging content that complements therapy and supports better mental health.

Empower Yourself to Meet This Mental Health Moment


Mental health struggles are on the rise in every segment of the population, yet many people are not getting the treatment they need. Psych Hub addresses the challenge by both participants in the treatment relationship.

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Education and training on evidence-based best practices; CE-unit fulfillment; competency verification; promotion on our free, public, mental health platform

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 Informative mental health resources; education and connection platform searchable by multiple criteria; symptom relief in fewer sessions, making care more affordable

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