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U.S. Workers Want a More Supportive Workplace

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37% of employees say employers should provide mental health resources to achieve a psychologically healthy work environment.

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8 in 10 U.S. workers say an employer’s approach to employee mental health will be “an important consideration” when job hunting.

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86% of employers are putting a focus on mental health needs, yet 49% have yet to lay out a formal plan.

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Create a Proactive, Cohesive Mental Health Strategy


Psych Hub’s end-to-end mental health platform serves as a cornerstone for your organization’s mental health strategy, combining education with frictionless connection to specialists who provide evidenced-based treatment. 

We help organizations:

Demonstrate a company-wide commitment to mental health

Educate employees about mental health diagnoses, treatment options, and care paths

Equip employees to be mental health allies for others

Dissolve the stigma of mental illness so workers feel more supported

Connect employees with in-network mental health specialists trained in their area of need

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Educate, Connect, and Engage Your Employees


Psych Hub provides educational resources to empower everyone in the workplace so they can pursue better mental health for themselves and others.  

We know mental health can be confusing, that’s why we focus on three goals: educate, connect and engage.

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Our hub contains content and courses designed for everyday people, with personalized, preventive, and ongoing educational paths for all learning styles. Employees can choose from hundreds of videos, podcasts, downloadable resources, and certificate courses that explain and demystify common mental health symptoms, conditions, and treatment methods.

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Psych Hub Connect helps employees find a mental health practitioner who meets their needs, based on question-based algorithms. The system automatically matches employees with provider groups or individual practitioners covered by the employer’s insurance plan.

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Psych Hub engages employees in becoming advocates from themselves and others. We update our content regularly to maintain employee interest and address newsworthy topics as they come to light. Our resources also seamlessly integrate into existing EAPs, ensuring employees have a cohesive path to the support they need.

Make Mental Health a Part of Your Culture


Psych Hub is designed to transform the work environment by equipping and empowering everyone to better understand and improve mental health, including:




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When we know better, we do better.

Organizations that build a company-wide commitment to mental health create stronger communities that result in more stability, productivity, and overall well-being for everyone.



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