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Our free guides remove the guesswork out of how you talk about and depict mental health in communications while promoting understanding and reducing stigma.

stop the stigma

Productive tips on communicating the complex

We’ve put together a communication guide for you to take the guesswork out of how to talk about and depict mental health in your communications. Effective mental health communication is one of the biggest drivers for reducing stigma and creating an inclusive environment. Our guide dives into the best mental health communication practices every individual and organization should consider.

Sharing Lived Experiences

Help others with your story

We put together a guide for sharing lived experiences to help enable individuals to share their mental health stories in a safe way. Research suggests that elevating the voices of people experiencing mental health issues promotes understanding and combats stigma. Our guide dives into items for consideration and best practices for sharing your singular story.



Be an advocate

Download our deep well of mental health resources for BIPOC and LGBTQ+ including anti-racist actions for allies and bias training.