SHRM, One Mind, and Psych Hub Launch Mental Health in the Workplace Initiative

SHRM, One Mind, and Psych Hub Launch Mental Health in the Workplace Initiative


Alexandria, Va. — July 15, 2020 — The SHRM Foundation, One Mind at Work, and Psych Hub have joined together to launch “Mental Health and Wellness in the Workplace,” an initiative to engage HR professionals in education and training opportunities to lead mental health and wellness change in the workplace. The initiative aims to promote a culture of acceptance around returning to the workplace and the rising mental health issues as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

With materials available to all companies, the initiative encompasses a series of vital resources for HR professionals and their employees, including:

  • A workplace wellness resource center compiling best-in-class resources from leading partners
  • Training courses for HR professionals on adequately addressing mental health issues in the modern workplace

The initiative is driven by a strategic alliance of thought leaders in their respective practice areas: the SHRM Foundation on workplace social change, One Mind at Work as the global leader on best practices and tools for brain health in the workplace, and Psych Hub on multimedia learning solutions to mental health and addiction.

“Now, more than ever, HR professionals are helping employers and employees manage the significant mental toll of COVID-19,” said Wendi Safstrom, Executive Director of the SHRM Foundation. “As the nation, and the world, returns to the workplace in phases, it is critical to provide timely resources so workers feel safe, secure, and supported while continuing to reduce the mental health stigma in the workplace. The Mental Health and Wellness in the Workplace initiative increases access to actionable tools and continues the critical conversation around mental health at work.”

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