Psych Hub Extends Mental Health Education Solutions to Empower Healthcare Professionals, Pharmacists, and Coaches

Psych Hub Extends Mental Health Education Solutions to Empower Healthcare Professionals, Pharmacists, and Coaches


New evidence-based learning programs enable broader mental health support across the care continuum

Nashville, TN – October 3, 2023 – The prevalence of mental health conditions continues to rise across the country. Yet, even with a decrease in the stigma surrounding mental health, many are still not receiving care. More than half of adults with a mental illness do not receive treatment, and 160 million live in a mental health professional shortage area. To better equip other frontline care workers to provide much-needed mental health support, Psych Hub, the leading provider of mental health education, connection, and engagement solutions, announces the launch of curated learning experiences for health and healthcare professionals.

Addressing mental health issues and their detrimental effects on physical health is placing a significant strain on clinical and wellness settings across the care continuum. Psych Hub’s new learning experiences are created for critical roles well-positioned to provide mental health literacy and support: nurses and other healthcare clinicians, pharmacists, and behavioral health and health and wellness coaches. Available on-demand on Psych Hub’s online education platform, each program includes CE-eligible coursework, shareable supporting resources, and engaging videos on a variety of mental health topics that provide a foundation for empowering these professions with training in evidence-based approaches. 

These specific learning programs include the content most appropriate to upskill care and provide mental health support with evidence-based information in alignment with each role’s scope of practice. While these professionals do not deliver mental health therapy, their regular interactions with individuals in health and healthcare environments are improved when mental health and wellness components are integrated into care. Psych Hub’s evidence-based training empowers them to help create a holistic healthcare model inclusive of mental health support across common patient access points.

  • Patients are turning to healthcare clinicians and nurses for help understanding and treating mental health symptoms. Psych Hub’s evidence-based courses educate these medical professionals about mental health issues, diagnoses, and treatment pathways so they can offer their patients the most up-to-date and accurate recommendations.

  • Pharmacists have become frontline workers when it comes to mental health care. When individuals choose not to or are unable to engage in therapy, they may benefit from less formal conversations with trusted pharmacists they interact with on a routine basis. Psych Hub helps pharmacists discover practical ways to engage with clients around mental health issues in the pharmacy setting.

  • Behavioral health and health and wellness coaches can serve as an accessible source of support for individuals experiencing mental health struggles. Whether coaches work with their clients as an extension of therapy or independent of it, Psych Hub equips them with the knowledge and skills to discuss mental health issues and help clients learn effective coping skills.

“Access to mental health care continues to be one of our most pressing healthcare challenges, and the ongoing practitioner shortage makes it difficult to address the growing demand for care and support effectively,” said Marjorie Morrison, co-founder and CEO of Psych Hub. “We know that healthcare providers and health professionals can step in to provide this much-needed support, helping patients understand mental health and their options for treating symptoms. But they need evidence-based training and tools to do so efficiently and with maximum impact. We are honored to support healthcare professionals in increasing their practical skills related to mental health by providing these targeted learning opportunities.”

The new evidence-based CE learning programs for healthcare clinicians, nurses, pharmacists, and behavioral health and health and wellness coaches are now available through Psych Hub. Visit for more information.

About Psych Hub
Psych Hub is on a mission to empower everyone to create a better approach to mental health for themselves and others. Co-founded by Marjorie Morrison and former Congressman Patrick J. Kennedy, Psych Hub is the leading provider of mental health education, connection, and engagement solutions. Psych Hub offers the only end-to-end platform that empowers the entire mental health ecosystem — the individuals seeking mental health support, the practitioners delivering it, and the organizations supporting them — with evidence-based education, resources, and connection to specialized care.