Marjorie Morrison, Psych Hub CEO, Named Nashville 2021 Women of Influence

Marjorie Morrison, Psych Hub CEO, Named Nashville 2021 Women of Influence


Nashville Business Journal profiles Psych Hub CEO, Marjorie Morrison, as a 2021 Women of Influence

Psych Hub is an online platform for mental health education. As founder and CEO, Marjorie Morrison is responsible for the initial strategic plan, building out a team and overseeing everything from product development to all external relationships. 


If you could invite five people to a dinner party, who would they be? Michele Obama, Ellen DeGeneres, Oprah Winfrey, Meryl Streep, Lindsey Morrison (my daughter).

Do you feel more or less optimistic about more women in leadership posts/government than you did five years ago, and why? Absolutely. We’ve now witnessed the first female vice president in the White House; we have Karen Lynch, CEO at CVS running a Fortune 4 company; and we’re seeing women rise in almost every sector.

What’s one habit you’ve dropped during the pandemic you don’t ever want to start up again? Air travel every week. I didn’t realize how exhausting it was and how much time is wasted. Like many of us, I learned I could get a lot done through video conferencing from home.

Biggest challenge I’m facing: Mental health was a huge issue before the pandemic, but even more now. We can barely keep up with the demand. A challenge for us is to retain the quality of our products and still scale effectively. We recently closed our office and are now fully remote. We’re getting better at communication, but it brings on new challenges we have to work through.

As a young professional, I needed to hear this: Take risks! Although you may have failures, you’ll eventually have successes and those successes will give you confidence to take more risks. People are going to disappoint you, don’t let it stop you; people will surprise you in beautiful ways, too.

What question do you wish we would have asked you, and how would you answer it? “How do you manage stress and your mental health?” I definitely don’t have it figured out. I’m very compulsive about my morning workout routine, which helps. Learning my triggers — like too much isolation — helps me be proactive. It’s a daily effort.

What question are you tired of answering? “Are you dating?” I think people are trying to be nice by asking, but I’m building a company and work seven days a week, so I always feel like I’m failing in my personal life when answering.

One book everyone should read: As a business leader, my favorite is “Going from Good to Great.” I’ve reread it multiple times.

Song getting me through the pandemic: “Broken and Beautiful,” by Kelly Clarkson

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