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Psych Hub is designed for the entire community: every practitioner, organization, and individual seeking to create a better approach to mental health for themselves and others. We offer resources that address the real challenges of understanding and supporting mental health and accessing care.


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Build a More
Supportive Workplace

Employers want to create an environment that fosters cooperation and productivity, and having a proactive and cohesive mental health strategy should be part of the equation. Psych Hub helps by turning employees into allies, offering education on relevant mental health topics and strategies for how to foster a more supportive work culture. 

We also connect employees to the mental health care they need, integrating with an organization’s EAP and helping employees become more informed consumers as they search for practitioners covered by their employer-provided insurance.

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3 in 5 graphic

3 in 5 employees (59%) have experienced negative impacts of work-related stress in the past month.

87 Percent Slider Graphic

87% of employees think actions from their employer would help their mental health.

63 Percent Slider Graphic

63% of employers say locating timely and effective behavioral health treatment for employees is a top priority.

One Half Slider Graphic

Half of employees feel that raising a concern about their mental health might impact their career or prevent a promotion. 

61 Percent Slider Graphic

61 percent of those who spoke to someone at work about a mental health struggle shared their challenge first with a close colleague.

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FOR provider groups

Equip Practitioners and Attract Clients

Provider groups are scrambling to recruit and retain qualified mental health practitioners, as well as help them expand their training in the specializations clients need. Psych Hub supplies evidence-based, trauma-informed, and culturally responsive educational content, including CE-approved courses. This expands practitioner skills by verifying them in specialized care, and it positions your organization as a high-quality, evidence-based mental health care provider. 

We also offer an online public platform that connects your practitioners with new clients, elevating those who have completed Psych Hub courses to become verified in specialized interventions.

152 million

152 million – Americans living in a mental health shortage area.

69 Percent

69% of therapists stay on the job four years or less. 

Two Thirds

Two-thirds (69%) of psychologists rate continuing education as somewhat or very important in providing team-based care. 

18 Percent

Only 18% of psychiatrists and 11% of psychologists use measurement-based care in routine practice, such as symptom rating scales. 

50 Percent

Over 50% of mental health professionals report moderate or high burnout.

For Practitioners

Improve Your Practice With Evidence-Based Training

Most mental health practitioners — including masters and doctorate-level — are trained as generalists. This leaves them feeling ill-equipped to deal with the mounting need for specialized treatments for anxiety, depression, trauma, substance use disorders, and more. Psych Hub offers practitioners continuing education in areas of specialized competency so they can better meet their clients’ needs.

Our powerful mental health education and connection platform helps match those looking for treatment with practitioners who have earned Psych Hub verification in specialized care.

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41 Percent

41% of psychologists say they cannot meet the demand for treatment from their patients.

One Half

Only half (52.7%) of psychologists feel well prepared to provide services to diverse populations. 

Less then One fourth

< 1/4 (23%) of board-certified psychologists and only 9% of licensed psychologists specialize in child or adolescent psychology, even though 43% report an increase in adolescents seeking care.

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FOR payers

Position Your Network as a Source of Specialized Care

Payers want the core of their covered mental health services to be evidence-based and effective. Psych Hub supports that goal by providing a robust multimedia library of clinically sound CE courses that educate mental health practitioners in specialized therapies. We then provide verification of course completion and competency that becomes visible in our connection platform for plan members searching for in-network licensed mental health practitioners who can meet their needs.

1 in 4

More than 1 in 4 people use an out-of-network therapist, often because they cannot find one covered by their insurance.

One Half

About half of members access their insurer’s online provider directory to find a therapist. 

16 Percent

16% of working time for psychotherapists is spent getting up to speed on current evidence in their field, according to one study.

For Individuals

Gain Understanding
and Find Care

Mental health can be confusing. Everyone needs help navigating the mental health journey at least once in their life — or helping a friend or family member do so. Psych Hub provides that support through education and resources that help everyday people better understand mental health symptoms and the types of providers and treatments available. Additionally, since not everyone will seek care from a mental health practitioner, we train people how to support others during critical moments. 

Individuals can access free online videos, courses, podcasts, and more on relevant mental health topics. They can also use our online education and connection platform to become informed mental health consumers and find the right mental health practitioner who is specialized to treat their symptoms, accepts their insurance, and is a good cultural fit.

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9 in 10

9 in 10 adults believes there is a mental health crisis in the U.S. today.

53 Percent

53% of Americans in therapy experienced difficulties getting appointments, finding a therapist or locating in-network providers.

80 Percent

80% of employees have a close friend, family member or colleague who experienced a mental health challenge.

Our Solutions

Psych Hub provides online educational tools and resources that address the mental health needs facing everyone in the mental health ecosystem. 

The Hub:

For Mental HealtH


For those who treat mental health

Learning pathways and CE courses to help mental health practitioners build specialized expertise

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The Hub:

For Mental Health Allies

For those who support mental health

Educational resources and CE courses for individuals and allies seeking to better understand mental health conditions and treatments

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Psych Hub


For anyone seeking or offering mental health services

Online education and connection platform to match individuals with the right practitioner and help them become informed and empowered consumers of mental health options

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