Telemental Health: The Basics

Telemental Health: The Basics

Mental Health Providers

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  • Intermediate

  • Mental Health Literacy

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Telemental Health: The Basics was created specifically for clinicians who are looking to provide long-distance mental health care through the use of technology. This Learning Hub will dive into the basics of telemental health care, describing what this modality means and providing helpful tips for practicing effective therapy through the phone or computer. Also discussed are the legal and ethical considerations involved in telemental health care. This Learning Hub is an incredibly practical and thorough introduction into the increasingly effective practice of long-distance therapy.



Learning Objectives

  • Define telemental health.
  • Summarize the benefits of telemental health.
  • Explain the logistical requirements needed to ensure telemental health delivery is successful.
  • Utilize practical strategies to translate the practice of in-person talk therapy into therapeutic work that is done remotely.

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