Kila is the Digital Production Coordinator at Psych Hub. Her role includes copy editing and proofing pre and post-production tasks. Her primary goal is to monitor daily production activity and track all progress through the animation production schedule. In addition to coordinating with internal and external stakeholders.

Before joining Psych Hub, she was a videographer intern at Liberty in North Korea in Long Beach, California. She was responsible for shooting and editing videos to share the story of North Koreans who have escaped and are trying to escape. Her efforts have helped raise over $300k towards rescue missions and relocation costs for North Koreans. She also served as a Kindergarten and Elementary School teacher in South Korea, implementing the best English curriculum to help the language skills of Korean youth.

Kila has a Master of Arts degree in Documentary Film from Syracuse University and a Bachelor's degree in Cultural Anthropology with a minor in East Asian Studies from the University of Arizona. Her thesis studied cultural relationships between North Korean defectors and South Koreans and how that would be affected after unification.

In her spare time, Kila likes to look for cool restaurants and bars that have experimental drinks. Her favorite so far being Barmini in Washington D.C. On weeknights, she has started to attempt indoor rock climbing.

When asked why mental health education is so important to her, Kila said “I believe that in this day and age so many more people are becoming aware of mental health and how it affects everyone. Mental health doesn’t come in one size, shape or form and a lot can be learned that can help people better understand themselves or a loved one.”

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