Marcela Lazaro is the B2B Marketing Specialist of Psych Hub. In her role, Marcela develops the content calendar, assists in copywriting, and maintains the social platforms of Psych Hub.

Before coming on board with Psych Hub, Marcela lived in Costa Mesa, CA where she worked as the Social Listening Specialist of AEG. At AEG, Marcela provided insights, ideas, and strategic concepts for the development of social marketing plans and initiatives. Before AEG, Marcela worked for TikTok, where she identified trending topics and articles while also developing community content standards. Marcela has a Bachelor’s degree in Media Studies from the University of Virginia.

In her spare time, Marcela enjoys playing video games, working out, cooking, and drawing abstract art.

Growing up in a first-generation Latino household, the topic of mental health was often neglected and swept under the rug. She says, “There was always a stigma when discussing mental health. Going to therapy was never an option, and often seen as the ultimate last thing to consider rather than the first.” It wasn’t until Marcela went to college where she finally had numerous resources to openly choose from and further realized just how important mental health education is and how much of a positive impact it can bring to every factor of one’s life.