Joshua Nelsen is the Education Manager on the Operations Team at Psych Hub. In his role, he is responsible for researching industry best practices, organizing programs, and supervising curriculum production. Joshua currently develops Psych Hub content related to teaching and learning activities.

Before joining Psych Hub, he spent a large portion of his career at Oracle Korea. As an HRD specialist at Oracle, he developed training courses that were instrumental in facilitating the standardization of best practices for the Oracle organization between branches. He also spent time at the Korea National Diplomat Academy where he wrote courses to help prepare diplomats for their work abroad.

Joshua has a Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communication and a Master’s degree in Liberal Arts from Cornell University. When Josh is not busy writing curriculum for Psych Hub, he spends time with his wife and two daughters and considers himself an avid NBA fan.

When asked why mental health education matters to him, Joshua said, “There is still so much stigma surrounding Mental Health. It is important to me to remove the stigma around mental health care, which allows folks to seek out the care they need just as they would for a physical ailment”.

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