John Juliano is the Learning and Development Manager at Psych Hub. Working closely with members of the education team, his primary responsibilities include the creation of the company’s educational content, applying adult learning and systematic instructional design principles to the curriculum. As an instructional designer, Juliano ensures the quality of the company’s educational content adheres to the basic principles of adult education, while also playing a significant role in the training and development of a successful and effective global support team. John also manages our learning management system.

Previously, Juliano held the role of curriculum and instructional designer at FleetCor Technologies Inc., where he worked closely with a team of trainers, instructional designers, and subject matter experts to create educational content for the company’s customer service center. Juliano started his career as an educator and in the professional e-learning space before this by joining Quipper Ltd., an e-learning company, as their senior content specialist and senior video content consultant. In these roles, he led a team of content developers to produce the company’s first e-learning course titled Introduction to Philosophy. He was responsible for laying the foundations for course development, ensuring the quality of content produced was of optimum standards.

Juliano holds a Master of Arts degree in philosophy from the University of Santo Tomas. He specializes in philosophy of education, epistemology, and existential philosophy. As a student of philosophy, Juliano has published numerous articles in reputable academic journals, as well as presented at several conferences across Asia. His Master’s thesis focused on the topic of anxiety as it relates to humanity’s understanding of the concept of original sin.

In his leisure time, Juliano enjoys playing sports such as target archery and basketball. He is also an avid Nashville Predators fan and enjoys spending time watching games and following the news about the hometown team.

When asked why mental health education is important to him, Juliano said, “Because I believe it needs to be an everyday issue. With all the talk of the latest on a lot of things society has to offer like politics, celebrities, the latest new piece of technology and all that, mental health awareness does not have the same “significance” as these things. Yet we seem to forget that mental health occurs more than we think. Every minute of our lives is shaped by our own mental health, and an awareness of this in ourselves is not only for us but for being aware of what the rest of society might be going through. Mental health education provides this awareness and is a solution to making this issue more commonplace in our society.

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