Jillian Panchelli is a Partnership Account Manager on our Partnership team at Psych Hub. Her role includes working with prospective partners on their involvement with Psych Hub as well as organizations already enrolled in the Psych Hub partnership program. One of her primary responsibilities includes building our partner network to further Psych Hub’s mission of reimagining behavioral health education. In addition to providing ongoing account management to help partners share Psych Hub content with their community.

Before joining the team, she was an Applied Behavior Analysis Therapist for children on the Autism Spectrum. As an ABA therapist, she was responsible for planning and organizing regular community outings with clients and family members to assist in functional behavior and assessment plans. She also served in the role as an Education and Behavior Specialist at a non-profit early learning center coordinating and implementing educational curriculum by developing classroom activities based on developmentally appropriate practices and early learning standards

Jillian has a degree in Communications with a minor in Health Sciences from West Chester University in Pennsylvania. When she is not at work, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, being outdoors, listening to live music, and practicing yoga.

When asked why mental health education is important to her, she said, “Mental health struggles are difficult. Support and education should be made easy, so individuals do not feel alone. I also believe strongly in educating our communities on important mental health topics, you never know who is struggling around them.”

Email Jillian at jpanichelli@psychhub.com