Jason B. Fluke is the Office Administrator of Psych Hub. In his role, Jason supports business operations, coordinates office activities, and provides clerical and administrative support.

Before Psych Hub, Jason has worked in a variety of roles and industries. He recently worked as a Site Manager at a Law Firm, providing office administration and support. In other roles, he’s worked in Event Coordination, Retail/Pharmacy, Hospitality, and Non-Profit industries. Jason’s originally from south-central Pennsylvania, has lived in North Carolina for almost four years, and has been in Nashville, TN, for just over three years! Jason has a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from the Pennsylvania State University and a Master’s of Science degree in Leadership from Pfeiffer University.

When Jason isn’t working, he enjoys exploring, traveling, road trips, camping/glamping, being immersed in nature, and spending time with family, friends, and his dog Franklin.

When asked why mental health education is vital to him, Jason said, “My goal in life is to set others up for success. That looks different for each person, but in a holistic way, it involves removing barriers and stigmas that prevent individuals from reaching their greatest potential. Mental health plays a key role in that holistic perspective, you never know what puzzle pieces each person is composed of, and it’s important to find value in our uniqueness. Psych Hub addresses a variety of topics on Mental Health through e-learning that many find hard to openly communicate about. Education and communication help break down barriers in a plethora of ways, and that’s why I joined Psych Hub.”