Alexa Lupenec is an Internal Support Manager at Psych Hub. Her role entails working with our Education and Product Delivery Teams on projects and daily tasks essential to the development of our website. She also analyzes and improves organizational processes, working to improve quality, productivity, and efficiency.

Before joining the team, she was the Client Relationship Manager at Fortz Legal Support, LLC, where she was responsible for administrative tasks that were crucial for the client experience. She was also an Undergraduate Intern at Akeel & Valentine, PLC.

Alexa has a degree from Michigan State University in Criminal Justice with a specialization in Psychology. During her time at Michigan State, she was a member of the MSU Adolescent Diversion Program, where she worked to reduce recidivism and combat criminogenic factors through advocacy and mentoring.

As a recent Nashville local, Alexa enjoys exploring the city and meeting new people. When asked why mental health education is important to her, she said, “Because there is not one person who cannot benefit from mental health education. Whether it be to better yourself or to help someone else. When understood and utilized, it is the single greatest tool for a unified and empathetic society”.

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