Abigail Asper joined the Psych Hub team in August 2019 as Mental Health Specialist. In her role as Mental Health Specialist, she is responsible for ensuring that Psych Hub videos and resources are evidence-based, clinically sound, and trauma-informed as well as completing special research projects on topics related to mental health and well-being and the eLearning industry.

Abigail brings years of experience in mental health and clinical settings. Before joining the Psych Hub team, she worked as an NGO Representative to the United Nations for the International Federation of Social Workers, a case manager on an assertive community treatment team for older adults with serious mental illnesses, a victim advocate at a rape crisis center, and a phone counselor at a crisis hotline. Abigail earned a B.S. in Psychology from College of Charleston and a Master’s degree in Social Work from Fordham University

When she is not at Psych Hub, Abigail enjoys spending time with friends, traveling, trying new restaurants, hiking and exploring the outdoors, and watching too much TV. She also loves visiting her nieces and nephew whenever she can.

On the topic of the importance of mental health education, Abigail says, “I have been personally affected by mental illness; supported friends, family, and clients through mental health issues; and lost a dear friend to suicide. It’s clear to me that there can be no health without mental health.”

Email Abigail at aasper@psychhub.com