Supporting Provider Wellbeing

Supporting Provider Wellbeing

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  • Intermediate

  • Mental Health Literacy

  • 1hr 45min

  • Free

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Gain valuable insights on resilience in workplace settings, including navigating challenging interpersonal conflicts, managing high-stress environments, and preventing occupational burnout – all at no cost to you. As employers cultivate a strong, competitive workforce, they also seek solutions to address workplace stress and mental health at-large.

By cultivating a culture of resilience – or the ability to bounce back and excel after confronted by challenges – each workplace will ensure an environment of greater well-being, creativity, higher job satisfaction, and organizational


Learning Objectives

  • Describe and summarize the benefits of resilience in comparison to the risk factors associated with lowered professional wellbeing, including secondary traumatic stress and moral injury.
  • Describe and apply cognitive appraisal and the cognitive triad as tools for emotion regulation as well as common thought distortions that apply to the workplace.
  • Discuss and summarize effective workplace communication strategies, boundary-setting skills, and resilience-building resources.

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