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Every journey consists of “hubs" — places to refuel, gather information, and connect with others — and the mental health journey is no different.

Psych Hub offers education, connection, and engagement solutions to empower everyone on the road to better mental health: those seeking care, those providing care, and the people and organizations that support them. 

The Hub: For Mental Health Practitioners

Learning experiences to expand training and knowledge


Most mental health practitioners are trained as generalists, which can leave them feeling ill-equipped to deal with specialized or severe mental health challenges. Just as patients don’t visit their primary care physician for a knee replacement, those seeking mental health care need professionals who can offer specialized, evidence-based interventions proven to effectively treat their symptoms. That’s where Psych Hub can help.

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The Hub for Mental Health Practitioners helps deliver:

Reduced symptoms

Our evidence-based learning modules teach those who treat mental health how to get symptom reduction successfully and in fewer sessions.

Lower cost

Through more targeted treatment, clients avoid entering the greater healthcare system, reducing total cost of care.

Less burnout

Practitioners experience less stress and better job satisfaction when they feel equipped to serve their patients effectively.

Psych Hub verification

Practitioners can earn Psych Hub Verification, a designation that sets them apart on Psych Hub Connect when people are seeking care.

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The Hub: For Mental Health Allies

Education to empower individuals to pursue better mental health for themselves and others

Navigating the mental health journey can be confusing and overwhelming. The Hub provides education to teach laypeople how to understand symptoms and offer support during life’s critical moments. For those seeking care, the platform offers resources to help understand diagnoses, treatment options, and the types of practitioners available. Not everyone will see a mental health practitioner, which is why it’s important to train everyone how to be a supportive ally during critical moments that can save lives.

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THE HUB FOR Mental Health AlLIES helps everyone:

Become more informed mental health consumers

Users have access to hundreds of short videos, podcasts, and other resources on relevant mental health topics.

Advocate for themselves and others

Individuals gain understanding about important mental health topics through certification courses that prepare them to support those they care about during difficult times.

Create a more supportive workplace culture

Individuals can complete courses designed for the unique needs of employees, or their specific industry, to earn certificates that showcase their commitment to workplace mental health. 

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Psych Hub Connect

A hub to connect those seeking care with verified practitioners


A good match between client and mental health practitioner contributes to better outcomes, but individuals need a clearer path to get there. Psych Hub Connect's unique education and connection platform helps guide users through the process. 

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We collaborate with organizations on our Psych Hub Connect platform, to ensure this education and connection tool effectively breaks down barriers to care and guides individuals to the professionals who best match their needs. 

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Psych Hub Connect Offers:

Easier search process for individuals

Question-based logic helps people search for practitioners who are the best fit to treat their symptoms and meet other criteria such as insurance network coverage.

Educational content to inform consumers

Psych Hub Connect shares relevant educational videos to individuals as they refine their search for care, helping them better understand their options. 

Better visibility for practitioners

Practitioners can promote their experience, training, and earned Psych Hub verifications in specialties to attract new clients. 

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Continuing Education Units for Multiple Professions

CE content that engages professionals in learning about mental health

Psych Hub offers continuing education courses for a wide range of professionals who want to learn more about mental health, including practitioners, teachers, nurses, pharmacists, and more. Courses are provided through more than a dozen accredited entities, ensuring learners meet professional education requirements with credible, expert-developed content.

Our CE courses appeal to participants because they are: 

Self Paced
Adapted to various learning styles

Expert-Informed Solutions and Content


From the beginning, Psych Hub has worked cooperatively with academic and industry experts who share our commitment to empowering a better approach to mental health.

We partner with subject matter experts from renowned academic institutions to develop evidence-based content and ensure our resources are trauma-informed, culturally responsive, and clinically sound. Some of our educational partners include: 

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Free Mental Health Resources Available to All


Everyone should have access to mental health information that helps them better understand themselves and others. Psych Hub creates digital mental health content available to the public, free of charge. That includes videos and podcasts filled with helpful and practical information about common mental health topics. 

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