Real Talk with Gen Z

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Hey Gen Z, we know it's not easy being you. Sit back, relax and join your peers and subject matter experts as they take a deep dive into all things mental health. Each episode features a different set of hosts to give you tips, provide a range of experiences and connect you with others who understand what it's like to go through the mental health challenges Gen Z is facing.

Real Talk with Gen Z is a 3 episode mini-series from the Psych Hub Podcast Network and brought to you by Aetna, a CVS Health Company.


#3: You're Not Alone: Loneliness, Isolation, and COVID (featuring Vita Health) [Sep 15, 2022; 58 min]

According to a report from Harvard's Graduate School of Education, 36% of all Americans, including 61% of young adults, feel serious loneliness. The COVID-19 pandemic and the associated social isolation has exacerbated loneliness and its impact on the mental health of some young adults.


#2: How Race Affects Our Mental Health (featuring the JED Foundation) [Ju1 14, 2022; 45 min]

During the pandemic, over one-third of teens reported experiencing racism and the rates were highest among Asian (63.9%), Black (55.2%), and multiracial students (54.5%). These experiences of racism can lead to poor concentration, memory issues, and feelings of isolation, among other things. In this episode of Real Talk with Gen Z, our co-hosts Simone Counts and Daniel Kim are joined by Dr. Sofia B. Pertuz, a senior advisor for the JED Foundation, to share their real-life experiences and discuss the impacts of race on mental health.


#1: LGBTQ+ Mental Health: Coming Out, Therapy, and Acceptance (featuring The Trevor Project) [Jun 30, 2022; 40 min]

LGBTQ+ teens have consistently reported declining mental health, higher rates of suicidality, and less connection to others at school. This episode is here to help you or the LGBTQ+ people in your life get through these strange times and find a way to thrive.