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Psych Hub Connect is more than a directory or search tool. It is a robust online platform that helps individuals connect with mental health educational content and practitioners specifically matched to their needs. At the same time, it allows practitioners and provider groups to promote their services and specializations to those seeking care.
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2 in 3 people are worried about their ability to get the right mental health care when they need it.

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64% of consumers believe it’s essential to find a therapist who can cater to their individual needs.

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42% of individuals prioritize finding a therapist who specializes in a field that is relevant to them.

How It Works for Individuals

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Individuals log in to the platform and respond to automated questions that help identify their needs and narrow their search using criteria like symptoms, specific communities they belong to, the age of the person seeking care, and their health insurance. 

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Based on their answers, Psych Hub Connect shows them related educational videos to help them better understand their options, know what to expect in therapy, and ultimately choose the right practitioner for them.

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The platform provides a list of practitioners that match their search criteria.

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How It Benefits Practitioners

Practitioners and provider groups participating in evidence-based training through Psych Hub can promote their services and specialties on Psych Hub Connect. 


Provider Group Profile Page

Provider groups with practitioners on Psych Hub’s learning platform receive a public profile page that can be used to promote their organization, including verified mental health practitioners and services.

Practitioner Profile Page

Psych Hub also creates a profile page for each licensed practitioner. Practitioners can create an account and claim their page to update it with current information, including education, accepted insurance plans, specializations, and contact information.

Psych Hub Verification

Practitioners who have completed Psych Hub courses and/or demonstrated competency on a post-test can receive the designation of Psych Hub Verified in that specialty on Psych Hub Connect, improving their visibility when consumers express that need.

Client Connection

Individuals seeking mental health care contact practitioners or provider groups directly using criteria-based matches on Psych Hub Connect.

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