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Solome Tibebu

31 minutes

Episode #15 Featuring Solome Tibebu

Solome Tibebu is a mental health speaker and social entrepreneur. She has dedicated her career to helping youth put a voice to the challenges they experience and lead transformational change.

About Solome Tibebu

Solome Tibebu is a behavioral health strategist passionate about frontier technologies and solutions transforming mental health, equity and access.

She is the Director of the Upswing Fund for Adolescent Mental Heath, a philanthropic fund seeded by Melinda Gates’ Pivotal Ventures. Solome is the founder and host of the Going Digital: Behavioral Health Tech summit, the largest virtual conference focused on digital behavioral health. She is also the co-author of ReThink Behavioral Health Innovation, the source for digital behavioral health technology and startups. 

Solome’s work has spanned behavioral health and human service consulting, venture capital, corporate development and various operating roles at behavioral health software companies large and small. Solome founded and ran a mental health tech startup and, as a former anxious teen, founded and ran an online teen mental health non-profit for 10 years.

Solome is a board director or advisor to various adolescent and adult mental health organizations and for-profit companies, including CaringBridge, Columbia Mind Ventures, Headstream, Hopelab, Made of Millions, the Telosity Fund and more. Solome’s work as an investor, entrepreneur and behavioral health.

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My dad being Ethiopian, and my mom being Polish, and immigrating here they didn’t even have a phrase for OCD in either of their languages, and no connections to local resources.