Lisa Desai

45 minutes

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Dr. Lisa Desai, Director of Behavioral Health Consulting at MindWise Innovations, shares the importance of workplace wellness and trauma-informed care.

About Lisa Desai

Lisa K. Desai, Psy.D., is Director of Behavioral Health Consulting at MindWise Innovations, a service of Riverside Community Care.

Dr. Desai has over 25 years of clinical and administrative experience across delivery systems in college counseling, community mental health, hospitals, and private practice.  She has a longstanding commitment to providing culturally informed care, and during a prior role as Director of the Asian Mental Health program at Cambridge Health Alliance, led a multilingual team in providing treatment to individuals and families.

In her current role at MindWise, Dr. Desai leads the development and implementation of behavioral health programs for workplaces and communities, with the goal of building psychologically safe environments and reaching at-risk and underserved populations.

She oversees the MindWise behavioral health screening platform and regularly consults with partners across various sectors. Dr. Desai is committed to understanding and addressing specific, contemporary behavioral health needs and working collaboratively to expand access to resources. 

She enjoys spending time with family and friends and is fluent in Gujarati.

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Building a resilient workforce is the best thing you can do for productivity. And, focus on the quality of the productivity and not the quantity of the productivity.

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