Podcast Linda Rosenberg

49 minutes

Episode #16 Featuring Linda Rosenberg

As an Executive Director for External Relations, Linda Rosenberg is responsible for expanding the availability and impact of Columbia Psychiatry's expertise to shape mental health research, treatment, and policies across our country.

About Linda Rosenberg

Linda Rosenberg, MSW, is on the faculty of Columbia University’s Department of Psychiatry where she serves as Executive Director for External Relations. Committed to all who need care getting effective care, her goal is to establish collaborations that expand the availability and impact of Columbia’s expertise on information offered to the public; organizations and practitioners delivering services; and policy makers shaping legislation, regulations, and research and training agendas.

Prior to joining Columbia, Linda was President and CEO of the National Council for Behavioral Health from 2004 until 2019.  Under her leadership the National Council became the nation’s largest mental health and addiction education and advocacy association with 3300 plus member organizations serving over 10 million Americans. The National Council helped secure passage of the federal parity law and the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act (CARA); advanced behavioral health and primary care integration leading to the creation of the national Primary and Behavioral Health Care Integration grant program and the Medicaid Health Home option; ensured passage of the Excellence in Mental Health Act that established Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics (CCBHCs); and introduced and implemented Mental Health First Aid in the U.S.A. 

Linda was New York State’s Senior Deputy Commission for Mental Health until 2004. During her tenure she opened New York’s first Mental Health Court; designed services and housing for the homeless; and led the growth of community treatment and supports for adults and children including the expansion of school-based services. She brought to the Senior Deputy Commissioner role extensive experience, delivering crisis and psychiatric rehabilitation services; introducing and expanding integrated treatment and assertive community treatment programs; and operating inpatient and outpatient centers.  

In addition to serving on Columbia’s faculty, Linda consults with nonprofits, foundations, and private sector companies on the design and implementation of mental health and addiction policies and services that elevate, expand and refine mental health and addictions care. She serves on numerous boards including Cohen Veterans Network, Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute, Netsmart Technologies, Triad Behavioral Health, and Effective School Solutions.

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Mental health advocates spend too much time promising to save money in other areas if you address mental health. I never see any other diagnosis or speciality talk like that.