Podcast Cara Mcnulty

Episode #6 Featuring Cara McNulty, DPA

Cara McNulty, DPA, is the President of Aetna Behavioral Health. As a highly regarded leader and population health scientist, she shares her passion for breaking down barriers in EAPs and addressing social determinants of health to lift up communities instead of just pockets.

About Cara McNulty, DPA

Cara McNulty, DPA, is President of Aetna Behavioral Health, a leading provider of mental health and employee assistance program (EAP) solutions to members around the globe. She oversees a national team that spearheads the development of programs, products and capabilities designed to offer individuals easy access to quality, innovative treatments and meet people along their health care journey, while driving engagement and improving health outcomes through an easy and meaningful experience.

Cara is a highly regarded executive leader and population health scientist whose success in driving population well-being outcomes spans the employer, government, payer/provider, start-up and education sectors. She is known for her ability to integrate confirmed health science into practical business models that drive measurable outcomes.

She holds a doctorate in public administration from Hamline University, a Master of Science in applied health science from Indiana University and a Bachelor of Science in community health education from the University of Minnesota-Duluth.

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Not everyone needs a psychiatrist—they might need a licensed social worker. We're working on navigation so people don't need to know what they don't need to know. Let's not put up more barriers to seeking mental health.