Motivational Interviewing: Communication Basics

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Motivational Interviewing: Communication Basics

Coaches, Medical Providers, Addiction Counselors, Faith Leaders, Care Managers, School Counselors, Crisis Responders, Peer Workers, Paraprofessionals, Healthcare Staff, Employers, Gatekeepers, First Responders, Teachers, Attorneys

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  • Introductory

  • Mental Health Literacy

  • 1hr

  • $15

Motivational Interviewing: Communication Basics is part of the Mental Health Ally series and covers four communication techniques commonly utilized in the evidence-based practice of Motivational Interviewing. This course provides constructive training by utilizing live-filmed videos and engaging activities that allow the learner to practice what they’ve learned. Based on up-to-date information, this course was created for anyone who wants to build their conversational skills and become a listener who can help others both clarify their goals and self-discover what may be holding them back from reaching those goals.

NOTE: We recommend completing Mental Health Competency 1 before beginning this course and any other Mental Health Ally Series courses.


Learning Objectives

  • Demonstrate knowledge related to asking open-ended questions and affirming what is heard while communicating with others.
  • Describe the critical steps to reflectively listen and summarize conversations in order to facilitate communication while addressing ambivalence and initiating change.
  • Critically appraise correct and incorrect strategies of communicating with others using motivational interviewing techniques.

Course Overview


Mental Health Literacy

1 Hour

Available Now

Yes- Module 8 of 8 Modules for the Mental Health Ally Certification

Professionals and Allies

1 Module, 2 Live Intro and Outro videos, Knowledge check, 3 Animated videos

5 Companion videos on key mental health topics, 4 Text resources

3 Guest speaker sessions detailing lived experience testimonials

$15 for individual Module / $99 per year for entire 8 Module series

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