Mental Health Competency 2: Common Conditions

Mental Health Competency 2: Common Conditions

Coaches, Medical Providers, Addiction Counselors, Faith Leaders, Care Managers, School Counselors, Crisis Responders, Peer Workers, Paraprofessionals, Healthcare Staff, Employers, Gatekeepers, First Responders, Teachers, Attorneys

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An important part of increasing your mental health competency is being able to recognize common mental health conditions and help people to find the support they need. In Mental Health Competency 2: Common Conditions you will learn information that may be vital in helping people who experience mental health disorders to find support in managing their symptoms. This module is an engaging part of the Mental Health Ally series and provides engaging
learning based on current research and relevant articles while utilizing the most recent techniques in online learning. Completing Mental Health Competency 2: Common Conditions will take approximately 60-80 minutes of continuous learning time.

NOTE: We recommend completing Mental Health Competency 1 before taking any other of the modules in the Mental Health Ally Series.


Learning Objectives

  • Describe at least three of the five common mental health conditions covered within this course. The description must include a common definition of each condition and three accompanying symptoms.
  • Summarize at least three practical tips that can be implemented when interacting with friends, loved ones or colleagues who may be struggling with a mental health condition.


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