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Everyone Has a Role to Play in Mental Health

At Psych Hub, we've developed this revolutionary multimedia mental health hub to provide digestible and practical resources for anyone, regardless of prior knowledge or current occupation.

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Included in Our Courses

Psych Hub's interactive stackable courses are divided into focused modules designed for you to learn at your own pace and refer back to at any time. In these courses, you’ll hear advice from subject matter experts, guest speakers with lived experience, scenario-based learning exercises, role-play with therapists and more.

Learn from Academic Subject Matter Experts

Watch Animations to Drill Down on Key Concepts

Theory Tanks to Dive Deeper into the Material

Earn Certifications & Continuing Education Credits

Play Games to Ensure an Engaging Learning Experience

Building Allyship Everywhere

Psych Hub’s Mental Health Ally Hub isn’t for one specific audience. It’s for everyone. Make mental health education a priority and bring Psych Hub’s collection of resources to your organization, group or individual journey.


Mental health education in the workplace is no longer just nice to have, it’s mandatory. Equip your workforce with best-in-class resources and training to create a caring culture that prioritizes mental health.

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A Variety of Ways to Learn

Shareable Elements Designed for Everyone
Digital Courses

Interactive Courses

Learn at Your Own Pace

Evidence-Based Interventions

Earn Certifications & CE Credits


Short Concept Videos

3-5-Minute Videos

Quickly Reinforce Skills

Easily Review Topics 


Community Forum

Foster Engagement

Peer-to-Peer Knowledge Exchange

Idea Exchange & Collaboration



Hear Expert Advice

Listen on the Go

Hosted by Marjorie & Patrick

Earn A Certification

Earn A Certification

Take the first step in becoming a trusted mental health ally by signing up to complete Psych Hub’s certification. Complete all eight offered modules to receive your digital certification.

Help Is A Call Away

Seeking help? We’ve gathered a list of specialized hotline resources to make help more accessible.


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