Providers and staff at hospitals and health systems have several different learning opportunities at Psych Hub

Provider Learning Hubs & Competency Courses

Our Learning Hubs include certifications on evidence based interventions for providers who have the ability to offer structured services. Companion videos for clients along with numerous other ongoing learning opportunities are included

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Short Video Library

Our free, short video library has over 40 videos developed especially for healthcare providers ranging in topics from Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatments, Patient Communication and many more. They are perfect for a people who only have a few minutes.

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Short Video Library
  • Academic Partnerships

    Academic Partnerships

    Our research begins by cultivating partnerships with subject matter experts in academia. All of our content originates from the best research institutions in the world.

  • Robust Research

    Robust Research

    Our clinical team conducts extensive research, investigating and exploring empirical journals, scholarly text books, white papers, and specialized research distilled from key partners like the American Psychological Association, the National Association of Social Workers, the American Psychiatric Association, and so many others

  • Cultural Relevance

    Cultural Relevance

    Ensuring research-informed content concerning race, ethnicity, diversity, socio-economic issues, and life experiences is at the center of our research and methodological approach.

  • Cross-Sectional


    Psych Hub’s model is centered on the intersection of clinical expertise, adult learning theory, and instructional design principles

  • Continuous Evaluation and Assessment

    Continuous Evaluation and Assessment

    Our content is guided by a commitment for continual improvement – informed by data.

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