Diversity and Mental Health

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Diversity and Mental Health

Coaches, Medical Providers, Addiction Counselors, Faith Leaders, Care Managers, School Counselors, Crisis Responders, Peer Workers, Paraprofessionals, Healthcare Staff, Employers, Gatekeepers, First Responders, Teachers, Attorneys

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  • Mental Health Literacy

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Although many people feel like they understand the concept of diversity, it is a very nuanced topic. This course on Diversity and Mental Health is tailored to provide a detailed description of the different types of diversity, how negative reactions to diversity affect many people’s mental health, and how to promote inclusion instead. After finishing this course, you will be able to describe both diversity and intersectionality, as well as ways in which inequality and discrimination manifest. This course is based on current research and utilizes online learning techniques to provide valuable information on diversity and its relationship with mental health.

NOTE: We recommend completing Mental Health Competency 1 before taking any other Mental Health Ally Series courses


Learning Objectives

  • Describe different types of diversity, intersectionality, and ways in which inequality and discrimination manifest.
  • Critically appraise the relationship between diversity and mental health.

Course Overview


Mental Health Literacy

1 Hour

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Yes- Module 4 of 8 Modules for the Mental Health Ally Certification

Professionals and Allies

1 Module, 2 Live Intro and Outro videos, Knowledge check, 3 Animated videos

6 Companion videos on key mental health topics, 7 Text resources

3 Guest speaker sessions detailing lived experience testimonials

$15 for individual Module / $99 per year for entire 8 Module series

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