Collaborative Assessment And Management of Suicidality

Collaborative Assessment And Management of Suicidality

Mental Health Providers and Professionals

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  •   Clinical Intervention
  • 4hrs 15m
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CAMS-guided care is a philosophy of care and a therapeutic framework for suicide-specific assessment and treatment of a client’s suicidal risk. This is a flexible approach that can be easily integrated across treatment settings and in tandem with different treatment modalities. In CAMS-guided care the clinician and client collaborate in a highly interactive assessment process. Clinicians utilize client input and clients become the “Co-authors” of their own treatment plan. This course will provide you with the tools and resources you need to provide your best level of care. In each of this courses’ five modules, you will see Dr. Jobes, in video, as he integrates CAMS-guided care in a case study. Each module makes use of interactive E-learning and assessments, so you can check your knowledge gain. The CAMS course will provide learners with the unique opportunity to further support and understand the struggle of suicidal clients while keeping their perspectives ever at the forefront.

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Learning Objectives

  • Explain CAMS as an evidence-based, suicide-specific, therapeutic clinical framework for effectively working with suicidal risk.
  • Describe CAMS philosophy of care related to empathy, collaboration, honesty, and the building of the clinical alliance while increasing patient motivation.
  • Complete a first session of CAMS using the Suicide Status Form (SSF) for assessment, stabilization planning, and the identification of patient-defined suicidal drivers that will be targeted and treated in the course of CAMS-guided care.
  • Articulate interim sessions of CAMS and the use of the SSF for tracking suicidal on-going risk and treatment plan updating related to patient-defined suicidal drivers.
  • Relate optional resources like the CAMS Therapeutic Worksheet that can help clarify direct and indirect drivers of suicidality
  • Illustrate the use of the SSF for clinical outcomes and dispositions that brings CAMS-guided care to a close.
  • Interpret the 10 key elements that define the CAMS model for effectively assessing and treating suicidal risk in your clinical practice.

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August 31, 2021

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