Cognitive Behavioral Therapy For Reducing Suicide Risk

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy For Reducing Suicide Risk

Mental Health Providers and Professionals

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Mental health professionals and healthcare providers make up a large part of the front line of defense against suicide. This course was created to equip you as a clinician to not only bring up the topic of suicide with your clients but also help them prepare for and manage suicidal crises through the use of cognitive behavioral therapy. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Reducing Suicide Risk starts by showing how to promote client engagement while screening for and assessing suicide risk. Then it moves forward to provide cognitive, behavioral and emotional focused strategies to treating suicide risk. The course finishes with discussions on ways that you as a clinician can handle your own self-care and protect yourself against burnout and secondary trauma. Throughout its three modules, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Reducing Suicide Risk uses a selection of learning tools such as live filmed role plays, instructive animations and interactive assessments that will enable you to address the difficult topic of suicide with empathically. With the support of subject matter experts, printable resources and supplemental videos, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Reducing Suicide Risk will prove an invaluable asset to your practice.

NOTE: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Foundations—A Skills-Based Approach is a prerequisite for this course. You will not have access to this course unless you have first completed Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Foundations.

cognitive behavioral therapy for reducing suicide risk

Learning Objectives

  • Identify suicidal behaviors.
  • Identify how to assess for and communicate about access to lethal means.
  • Identify how to involve family members in a care plan involving lethal means.
  • Identify how to develop safety planning as it applies to lethal means.

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