Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Adaptations for Adolescents

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Adaptations for Adolescents

Mental Health Providers and Professionals

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  • Advanced
  • Clinical Intervention
  • 2hrs
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If you have adolescent clients that you feel could benefit from learning cognitive behavioral therapy techniques, this course is for you. Because many mental disorders manifest during adolescence, it is important to provide effective therapy in a way that younger clients will find helpful. Cognitive behavioral therapy can be used to treat clients of all ages. In Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Adaptations for Adolescents, you will learn how to develop a rapport with your younger client, appropriately include their parents or guardians in the treatment process, navigate issues of confidentiality, and analyze the developmental factors that affect your client.

NOTE: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Foundations—A Skills-Based Approach is a prerequisite for this course. You will not receive credit for this course unless you have first completed Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Foundations.


Learning Objectives

  • Describe the connection between cognition, emotion, and behavior in adolescents according to the CBT model. The description must include a clinical interpretation of how each component interacts.
  • Discuss developmental factors that affect adolescents, relating the connection between these factors and adolescent mental health.
  • Summarize the following three CBT session techniques: behavioral and cognitive modification, healthy coping skills, and client homework assignments.
  • Identify adolescent client engagement and progress using measurement-based care and readiness for termination of therapy using a post-therapy plan that utilizes these three techniques: maintenance, anticipating setbacks, and booster sessions.

Course Overview


Clinical Intervention

2 Hour

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Providers and Professionals

3 Modules, 3 Live role-play sessions, 3 Knowledge checks, 1 Animation

2 Overview videos, 3 Client videos, 2 Provider videos, 5 Text resources

9 Fireside chats, 2 Guest speaker sessions

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