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Introducing Psych Hub Connect


Education and Connection in One Platform


Psych Hub Connect is more than a directory or search tool. It’s a powerful online platform that helps individuals connect with mental health educational content and practitioners specifically matched to their needs. Practitioners can use Psych Hub Connect to promote their services and specializations to those seeking care.

As a licensed practitioner, you have a FREE profile page on Psych Hub Connect. To get started, make sure it’s updated with your current information, including education, accepted insurance plans, contact information, and more. It’s easy! Claim your profile page today. 

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How It Works

Practitioner Verification + Informed Consumers = Better Matching  


• Completed Psych Hub verification courses in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to treat anxiety and Adapting CBT for adolescents.

• Has claimed her Psych Hub Connect profile, which highlights her specialized verifications.

• Offers in-person and virtual sessions.

• Accepts UnitedHealthcare insurance.



• Goes to Psych Hub Connect to learn more about the anxiety symptoms her teenage daughter has been experiencing.

• After watching two short videos about anxiety, decides to look for treatment options by answering a few questions.

• Prefers a mix of in-person and virtual sessions that fit her busy schedule.

• Has UnitedHealthcare insurance.


Promote Your Specialized Training

Get matched to consumers seeking practitioners with the experience they need, such as treating specific symptoms, working with certain communities and age groups, and utilizing specialized evidence-based interventions.  

Stand out as an option for specialized care by completing Psych Hub’s CE training courses. Successful completion of a course earns you Psych Hub Verification and better matching to clients.



Get Better Matches by Completing Psych Hub Courses


Asset 1-1

Clinically sound courses in evidence-based interventions, specific symptoms, communities, and ages

Asset 3

CEUs for every type of licensed mental health practitioner

Asset 4

A robust library of shareable resources to translate learning into practice

Asset 5

Engaging master class style content in multiple media formats



Frequently Asked Questions


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How much does it cost?

Profile pages on Psych Hub Connect are FREE to all licensed mental health practitioners and provider groups. Claim your page and update it with the information you want potential clients to see about you and your practice.

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how can i get referrals?

Clients will find your profile through an easy search on Psych Hub Connect and can contact you directly through your profile to book an appointment. You will appear at the top of search results if you are verified in the areas of care clients search for. To get verified, simply take a course through Psych Hub’s online evidence-based learning platform.

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What is Psych Hub Verification?

Psych Hub Verification turns your completion of Psych Hub's evidence-based CE courses into a marketing tool for your practice. If you complete a course through our platform, you’ll show up as Psych Hub Verified so consumers can more easily match with you. It’s that simple!

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