Susan Tournie

VP of Sales & Sales Operations

Meet Susan Tournie, Psych Hub's VP of Sales & Sales Operations.

Susan brings 30+ years of experience in Healthcare, including 20+ years of Healthcare Technology Sales experience. Susan built her career on a practical and agile problem-solving and leadership approach. She has proven expertise in leading a sales organization to meet goals through consistently stated expectations and accountability. She can marry corporate goals with sales by applying her unique understanding of varied healthcare verticals.

Susan leverages her knowledge and experience to deliver best practices and effective strategies to improve company growth. Susan works to attain company goals - finding solutions that benefit the client, the company, and its employees while ensuring and maintaining stakeholder interests with integrity. She is skilled in designing and delivering profitable sales models where data, combined with industry, market, and client knowledge, directs Sales activities. Susan believes that coaching to gradual behavioral changes will improve individual Sales contributors’ ranking and success towards the company stated goals. She excels in an organization where agility, critical thinking, and problem-solving are involved, particularly where interdepartmental trust is required.

When focused on something other than sales and leadership, Susan enjoys spending time with her family and friends. Quality time at home, entertaining those she cares about, makes her heart happiest. Susan also loves to cook, play in the dirt (gardening), do home improvement projects, and travel, especially with loved ones.

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