Paul Deger

Clinical Director

Meet Paul Deger, Psych hub's Clinical Director.

Paul has learned from his over 35 years of experience in healthcare that, with patient and compassionate support, we are far more capable of responding to challenges and growth than we tend to believe. We can all access a deep well of peace, wisdom, and courage within.

Paul began his health career as a Physical Therapist, specializing in neurological rehabilitation. Paul then shifted focus from physical to psychological health, specializing in mindfulness-based interventions. Recognizing the importance of a holistic approach, Paul also did graduate studies in pastoral care.

He has worked as a Licensed Professional Counselor in hospital-based, private practice, and home-based settings. Paul has taught mindfulness meditation, stress management, and health behavior change nationally, as well as an invited speaker at professional conferences.

Paul is known for creating and delivering insightful and engaging mental well-being learning experiences with NPS scores over 90 and mental well-being products that drive measurable improvements.

He is committed to the integration of clinical and creative design towards making engaging and effective education that moves us out of stigma and into mental wellbeing as an attainable right for all!

When not working, Paul enjoys rock climbing and vintage car shows with his son.