Julie Erickson

Project Director

Meet Julie Erickson, Psych Hub's Project Director.

Julie's primary work is to support the course creation team and the process Psych Hub follows to ensure evidence-based, culturally inclusive, and engaging training content.

Prior to joining the Psych Hub team, Julie worked with the education team at NAMI (the National Alliance on Mental Illness) for close to a decade where she managed several national education programs before transitioning to departmental operations and overseeing the rollout of NAMI’s first online training. Julie’s background is interdisciplinary, with a focus on nonprofit organization management, project management, and instructional design.

In her free time, Julie loves to spend time outdoors with her two dogs and her husband and is always looking to fit a hike into every weekend.

When asked why mental health education is vital to her, Julie said “There is no health without mental health and it can be very challenging, especially in certain regions, to find evidence-based treatment for mental health and substance use disorders when you need it most. I am proud to be part of the movement to increase training for behavioral health professionals in evidence-based care, making these important therapeutic interventions more widely available across the country.”

Julie Erickson, Project Director