Hayden Haddad

Director of Business Automation

Introducing Hayden Haddad, Psych Hub’s Director of Business Automation.

Hayden focuses on automation and technical efficiencies across the organization by bringing the latest solutions to simplify processes. He provides strategic thought leadership to identify business execution, opportunities and strategies for process improvement, and risk control to ensure operational excellence and process efficiency.

Areas of expertise include technology solution architecture, software engineering, system integration, and data pipelines.  

For over 17 years, Hayden has worked with small and medium-sized technology organizations in healthcare and digital strategy. He helped design and implement data solutions, process automation, B to B, and B to C integration and was a key contributor to several high-growth organizations that resulted in two successful acquisitions. 

Hayden believes that mental health services and education are essential at every stage of life, from childhood and adolescence. He also believes that Psych Hub has a great mission to help people overcome mental health challenges.

Hayden Haddad, Director of Business Automation