Co-founded by Patrick J Kennedy and Marjorie Morrison, Psych Hub was created to address the desperate need for quality and engaging online education on mental health, substance use, and suicide prevention topics. In the midst of a global mental health and addiction crisis, everyone can play a role to play in combating this debilitating situation. Education is the first step and the foundational key to effective change.


With options for every audience, Psych Hub has the world’s largest online platform of videos and courses on these issues. Psych Hub’s free micro-video library hosts over 100 consumer-facing, animated videos focused on improving mental health literacy and reducing stigma about seeking care. These videos are distributed through a robust, free partner program with over 400 partners ranging from large corporations to small nonprofits. The videos are free thanks to sponsorship support from companies such as Optum and Janssen Neuroscience.


Our Provider Hub is a first-of-its-kind educational resource platform for healthcare providers of all types to learn about the latest evidence-based interventions on how to best treat and support people facing mental health challenges. Through content partnerships with top researchers at universities such as Columbia, UCLA and UPenn, Psych Hub has developed an individualized learner journey that uses a variety of mediums to keep learners engaged while implementing the latest adult learning principles to ensure long-term behavior change. The companion Tool Kits host a variety of support tools including a series of short videos for clients to reinforce and practice skills learned in session to improve outcomes. The Provider Hub also includes additional videos for providers to hone their craft, a closed provider forum for peer support, a clinical technical assistance line for case consultation, continuing education credits, and certifications for providers who demonstrate competency. Our patent-pending educational development process takes our learner to the next level, from knowledge learned to long-lasting behavior change.


Psych Hub’s learning solutions for support professionals provide the necessary training for peer workers, coaches, addiction counselors, and others who offer support to clients who can benefit from a lower level of care. These trained support professionals can greatly improve on the access issue that is fueling the mental health crisis.


Our mental health competency courses give the critical awareness necessary for all gatekeepers such as employers, lawyers, teachers, and first responders to recognize these issues and refer as needed.


Psych Hub is in the early stages of developing trainings for companies on workplace mental fitness, along with specialized courses for at-risk populations.