A Proven Method

Ideas and research drive our process

Subject matter experts. Innovative research. Culturally-relevant insights. These things all combine to create the most comprehensive platform of mental health resources in the world.

Academic Partnerships

Academic Partnerships

We partner with the brightest minds in academia to drive research and innovation around mental health treatment. These partnerships are critical to our research and methodological strategy, as it ensures evidence-based principles are present in everything we publish. Put simply, these experts bring rigor to our comprehensive learning platform.

Robust Research

Our clinical team conducts extensive research to dig deep, investigating and vetting groundbreaking sources such as quantitative and qualitative empirical journals, scholarly textbooks, white papers, and specialized curated research from key partners like the American Psychological Association, the National Association of Social Workers, and the American Psychiatric Association. This exhaustive curation process means only the strongest evidence-based clinical content and instructional design is published to our platform.

Robust Research

Cultural Relevance

We greenlight original content that’s of the moment, shining a light on societal struggles around race, ethnicity, diversity, inclusion, equity and socio-economic issues. Our online training hubs provide theoretical scenarios to ensure clinicians and other gatekeepers are well-versed in culturally-sensitive issues, allowing them to overlay humility and empathy in their practices. Advancing culturally-relevant, evidence-based practices on our learning platform continues to be an integral part of our mission.

Progressive Model

Our model comes to life through the intersection of clinical expertise, adult learning theory, and instructional design principles. These three lines of research combine to produce best-in-class education and tools that are empirically validated, ensuring our content delivery is learner-led, relevant, and immersive. Our approach leverages the most up-to-date instructional design methodologies to organize pedagogical scenarios alongside creative storyboards and blueprints to produce extraordinary learning experiences.

Cross Sectional Model
Continuous Evaluation

Evaluation & Assessment

When societal shifts happen and the data proves it out, our content evolves. We also proactively assess our products through pilot testing to validate user experience, and ensure fidelity before we publish new content and learning experiences. By continuously improving our library, we ensure you have a curated selection of resources that are always effective and of the moment.

Scalable & Accessible

Our innovative platform adapts to audience needs, creating a scaleable, accessible experience, which helps deepen skill sets and better prepare our key audience types to meet the mental health, suicide prevention, and substance use challenges facing our society. Our inclusive philosophy provides learners and professionals of all stripes with content and educational journeys that lead to identification, action, and ultimately, better outcomes.

Widely Accessible