Brooke Wittenberg

Brooke Wittenberg is a humble and incessantly curious software developer. After 4+ years as an EMT, Brooke decided to transfer her passion for delivering quality medical care and problem-solving in high-stress situations to the tech industry. She then transitioned to software development at Nashville Software School, where she mastered the essential concepts of object-oriented programming, with an emphasis on Ruby on Rails.

Before her life in technology, Brooke brought a natural leaning towards leadership and a keen eye towards efficiency to every organization she worked with. In doing so, she left indelible marks on process and strategy from, medical labs and coffee shops to sailing camps for inner-city youth. Brooke is thrilled to use her professional strengths, technological know-how, and thirst for continual-learning to contribute to the Psych Hub team.

Brooke is an alumna Nashville Software School, where she studied full-stack web development, and of Northeastern University in Boston, MA, where she studied English Literature. When not staring into a computer screen, she is a canine enthusiast, RV traveler, writer, and fungi forager.

When asked why mental health education matters to her, Brooke said: “From my emergency medical career to close family members, I have seen what mental health crisis can do to those involved. Using my tech skills to help build a product for mental health education is a meaningful and rewarding way to put my hard-won skills to work".